Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ahead of me is a chasm

Ahead of me is a chasm.
It stretches into infinity.
Beneath me is my Path;
It is where I have been and where I will be.
Before me is a Bridge.
It is my only means to the far side.

To continue my path, I must
Cross the Bridge and visit the far side -
But mist shrouds that unknown place,
And I can only see shadows on my Path ahead.
I can see my fellow Travelers on my Path,
But cannot know what they'll do or say.

In the great distance I can see
More Bridges and more Paths,
But they have yet to take form.
They twist and turn to avoid my gaze.
I don't know if they are part of my Path
Or mere musings of what's to come.

But they are a long way off.
Right now
         Ahead of me is my chasm
               Beneath me is my Path
                     Before me is a Bridge.
I can see only this Bridge.
I want to see the Bridges ahead.
There is only one way to peer through the mist:
I must cross this Bridge.

I cannot turn back.
I cannot go around.
I can only move ahead
Or stand, irresolute, and gaze
Into the undefined

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